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Hedkayse | ONE Helmet


Hedkayse | ONE is not a fragile one-hit wonder, our unique Enkayse™ liner enables the helmet to pass EN1078 safety tests after multiple impacts and provide unrivalled protection time and time again.

Conventional helmets are made from polystyrene (EPS). In a large impact, polystyrene deforms to provide what’s known as sacrificial protection. This is why you have to be careful not to drop your polystyrene helmet in everyday use, and it’s why manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet after a knock.

  • Enkayse™ dissipates energy rather than deforming on impact, it also cushions small bumps
  • One-size-fits-all, possible because of our unique X-Strap retention system and comfortable as a result of the Enkayse™ liner
  • Designed to withstand the daily grind, folding to 50% of its constructed width to fit into your bag, suitable to throw on the desk or into the car


  • Military grade Ballistic Nylon outer shell
  • Enkayse™ inner


  • One-size fits all


  • 496g/17.5oz