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Essentials Bundle


Bundle Contents

Kali Chakra Solo Solid Black
The Chakra Solo builds on the best-selling Chakra line of helmets. Featuring Composite Fusion, a Dial-Fit retention system and style for miles.

Oxford Stormex Single eBike Cover
Single eBike Cover The Oxford Stormex is a premium eBike cover that is suitable for indoors and outdoors. Oxford’s most famous bike cover has a reputation to protect! With a tough outer it will protect your bike from all kinds of weather. On top of that, the inside has a luxurious padded lining which will shield against any small accidental bumps and knocks whilst parked up.

Sentinel Pro U-Lock
A heavyweight security product awarded a GOLD rating by Sold Secure. This product has met the high demands of the Police Preferred Specification and has been accredited ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD).

Oxford Mint Bike Wash
An all-purpose cleaner specially formulated to remove dirt and grime quickly, resulting in a bright and sparkling finish to your bike.

Oxford Mint Bike Degreaser
Moving parts like motorcycle engines and bicycle derailleurs can get quite grubby from a build-up of road grime, oil film and general dirt. Regular cleaning with Mint Bike Degreaser helps to reduce wear and overall deterioration.

Oxford Mint Brake Cleaner
It’s important to keep your brakes clean for efficient braking and to help your regular inspection of moving parts and pads. Mint Brake Cleaner is specially formulated to efficiently remove any build-up of brake dust and dirt and leave a decontaminated surface for the perfect functioning of your brakes. It’s also acetone-free and safe on rubber components.


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